thin-film technology.

Numerous innovative, material-efficient applications are emerging from the field of thin-film technology, ranging from solar cells and membrane materials to flexible displays and electronics. We help start-ups as well as established material companies to accelerate process development, optimize thin-film processing and scale up from the laboratory to industrial production.


broad expertise, high standards.

The biggest thin-film challenge is to bring innovative processes to industrial-scale production. We provide support with material knowledge, process optimization and industrialization. Calling upon our broad mechatronics and multi-physics expertise, we define appropriate system requirements, take into account interfacing with the customer’s complete plant, and start concept development. In this way, we realize high-end, cost-effective production systems that accurately control process dynamics and environmental conditions. They are provided with handling and inspection solutions and meet high quality, repeatability and serviceability standards.


“we are a thin-film one-stop shop.”

The pioneering mentality that still pervades the thin-film world suits us perfectly well. As a one-stop shop, we start with helping customers to optimize their core thin-film processes and then develop robust production systems. If required, we have access to in-depth knowledge of various material deposition and thin-film handling techniques. We also assist companies in adapting their existing production processes to new material developments.

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