Working visit of member of the House of Representatives, Mustafa Amhaouch, at Demcon Eindhoven.


That the Brainport region is of great strategic importance for the Netherlands, but also within Europe and internationally, has been known for years. So, for good reasons, the State and Brainport region will invest almost 1.6 billion euros in the accessibility of Brainport Eindhoven. A necessary step to create a nice environment for all current and future residents where they can live and work.

A great ambassador of this region is also second MP Mustafa Amhaouch, spokesman Economy-Business-MKB-Innovation-Finance. He paid a working visit to Demcon Eindhoven on November 18 to talk about the challenges and opportunities in the Brainport region and the role Demcon has within this ecosystem.

The visit started with a tour around the office by Eric Tielemans, managing director Demcon Eindhoven, during which several innovative projects were shown. Such as the DemcAir, a respiratory system developed by Demcon macawi respiratory systems, an innovative drainage system from Haermonics, medical wearables from SmartQare and a test setup for the groundbreaking SMART project that offers a sustainable and reliable alternative for producing medical isotopes.

This was followed by an interesting and animated discussion about the challenges and opportunities that the Brainport ecosystem offers for the companies located here. Including attracting enough talented employees. Creating a pleasant living environment is an important pillar. After all, a good future is not about euros but about well-being. But also what are potential growth markets for Demcon, besides the high-tech industry, such as regenerative medicine and renewable energy. And how we as Demcon and the region can create more innovative power by helping start-ups to become scale-ups and ultimately grow into companies that are an integral part of the Brainport ecosystem.

At Demcon, we continue to work every day to create the high technology for the future by developing, producing and delivering high technology and innovative products for societal challenges in aerospace, agri & food, defense & security, energy, high-tech systems & materials, life sciences & health, smart industry and water & maritime.

Mustafa Amhaouch (left), Eric Tielemans (right).