successful acquisition of medical production.

More and more, developers of medical technology look for a specialist party to help them with their production challenges. We have been a production partner for LABORIE Medical Technologies for years now. We handle assembly, quality control, product service and repairs of diagnostic devices for urology and gastroenterology for them. Both parties are so happy with this partnership that Demcon recently became a development partner as well.


For the production process, we have set up an efficient standard line that is equipped with the client’s production tools, including test equipment. This line is partly staffed by our experienced and expert employees who joined us from LABORIE. Each system can be assembled specifically for the end client in one-piece flow. For that reason, we have set up an extensive test process. We are always looking for ways to further simplify this production process and inventory management. To that end, we look beyond the production process itself. For example, we consult with the client about standardizing their products to allow for modular configuration. For this, we also analyze what configurations are being sold the most.


  • efficient production design
  • capacity for volume growth
  • solutions for component scarcity
  • one-piece flow
  • standardization and modularization


The scarcity of components and materials in the industrial sector creates a number of significant challenges. We therefore devote a lot of energy to streamlining logistics, in part to avoid production stops. If necessary, we suggest alternatives for components that are unavailable due to end-of-life or (temporary) shortages. The client implements the design change, while we ensure the production process continues to meet the requirements of the medical certification.

“we have expanded our relationship with the client.”

We began with the ad-hoc resolution of the client’s production issues. Next, we began proactively looking for ways to improve their product designs to avoid these problems in the first place. The result is that production can continue unimpeded, despite growing volumes and challenging market conditions. LABORIE therefore decided to further expand our partnership. While we began as a production partner for existing systems, Demcon now also serves as a development partner for new products.